5 Ways to Gain the Confidence of a Professional Writer

One thing the online writing community has taught me is that a lot of writers suffer from self-doubt and don’t necessarily feel supported as writers. And while I relate to these feelings to some extent, I’m fortunate in that my formal writing education and my paid writing and editing positions have boosted my confidence. In…

4 Signs of Writerly Mansplaining

A good general rule for men who don’t want to mansplain is to not explain unless a woman asks you for an explanation. But in truth, the issue is more nuanced than that. 

4 Reasons Editors Aren’t Judging You

Because I’m a professional editor (and a judgmental person, probably), people sometimes tell me that they’re afraid to text me in case their grammar is terrible. And while I can’t say that I’ve never commented on someone’s language, if I do, I’m probably not judging you. Here are four reasons professional editors probably aren’t judging…

Storymakers Conference 2018

At the beginning of May I went to the 2018 Storymakers Conference. Read about my favorite classes and takeaways in this blog post.