Learning From How Dare the Sun Rise

How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child, by Sandra Uwiringiyimana and Abigail Pesta, is a memoir about Sandra Uwiringiyimana’s experience with war, genocide, refugees, immigration, discrimination, mental health issues, and healing, among other things. I won’t spoil the book for you (go read it!), but I do want to talk about how…

4 Writing Prompts That Help With Personal Branding

If you’re a writer, then you need a solid personal brand to help you market your work. And if you Google information about personal branding, you’ll find a lot of guidelines about finding your audience, clarifying your values, and highlighting your purpose. All those things are great and important, and we’ll come back to them…

The Quest of Eve: A Books-to-Life Essay

At the end of 2018, I sped-read through the Book of Mormon while paying attention only to the mentions of Jesus Christ. The following is a lyrical and spiritual essay I wrote at the beginning of this experience.

4 Signs of Writerly Mansplaining

A good general rule for men who don’t want to mansplain is to not explain unless a woman asks you for an explanation. But in truth, the issue is more nuanced than that. 

5 Goal Systems to Improve Your Writing

Fun fact about me: I started learning to play the piano after making a goal to do so during a preschool lesson. I’d just finished learning to tie my shoes, and apparently playing the piano was the next thing on my list. And I have never stopped making goals, because they are awesome. Like, seriously,…

The Hufflepuff Files: Of Bears and Badgers

My mom, my sister, and my youngest brother definitely have some good Hufflepuff qualities, which have inspired today’s post. Let me know in the comments what you’ve learned from people with different personalities.

How to Find Your True Hogwarts House: Part 3, Your Hogwarts Home

This post comes at you about a month late because life happened, but onward we press. Now that I’ve shown you how the Sorting system is stupid, we’ll finally discuss how fans have reformed it and how you can choose your House. Sorting Quiz Evolution As most people reading this post know, for years before…