Magazine: Copyediting and Proofreading

I performed copyediting and proofreading for the Ensign, where I was an intern during the fall of 2014, and for Stowaway, where I was one of two copyeditors.

Seven Tender Miracles along the Way,” June 2016 Ensign


This piece was largely complete by the time it came to me, so I line-edited it and gathered the appropriate legal permissions for publication.

Challenges, Miracles, and Testimony,” April 2015 Ensign


This article was one of the first I handled at the Ensign. For this piece, I first discussed with the assistant managing editor the ethics of publishing stories about happy or miraculous events that not everyone experiences.

December 2014 Ensign


For this issue, I worked with the copyeditor of the Ensign to proofread the entire magazine.

November 2014 Ensign


For this issue, the Ensign brought in outside proofreaders to provide fresh eyes. I worked with these proofreaders on various articles as well as on the fact-checking with the regular staff.

Summer 2014 Stowaway

Stowaway Cover.jpg

Stowaway is produced by students of the editing minor at Brigham Young University, as part of a capstone course. I was one of two copyeditors on the staff, and together we copyedited and proofread the entire magazine.

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