Magazines: Substantive Editing

The following selections are magazine articles I helped develop for the Ensign, the English-language magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I interned with the Ensign during the fall of 2014.

Marriage, Technology, and Emotional Infidelity,” January 2017 Ensign


I worked with the author, a marriage and family therapist, to develop the manuscript, taking into account the feedback of other therapists and various editors. The final product incorporates both religious and social science perspectives.

Building the Kingdom in Australia,” September 2016 Ensign


The young adult profiles series features young adults from outside the United States. While most of the people I know are from the United States, I sought out authors who had experience with other locations and thus had a better idea than I did of the subjects’ character and culture. As part of this effort, I created a instruction pamphlet that directed people how to interview subjects and create profiles.

This article was written by an American who lived in Western Australia and knew the subject personally.

I Thank Thee for This Body,” January 2016 Ensign


“I Thank Thee for This Body” addresses eating disorders, so I worked with a professional counselor who treats eating disorders on the wording and presentation of these stories. The goal was to tell the stories of real people in a faith-affirming, healthy way.

The Worth of Souls and the Problem of Bullying,” October 2015 Ensign


The children’s magazine for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Friend, prepared an article about bullying, and I was assigned to create a complementary article for adults, to be printed in the Ensign. 

Because I wanted Ensign articles to be written by experts whenever possible, I sought out a psychologist with experience with bullying among children. The result was this article by Dr. Jonathan Cox of Brigham Young University.

Josephine Booth: Sister Missionary to Scotland,” August 2015 Ensign


This article about Josephine Booth, one of the first female missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was originally much longer and less accessible.

I took the Church History Department’s article and made it appropriate for a general audience.

Matthew Cowley’s Mission to New Zealand,” July 2015 Ensign


Through conversations with Glen Rudd, the use of historical records, and the help of other staff members, I focused this telling of Matthew Cowley’s story and made it more inclusive.

Vital to the Kingdom: Single Adult Sisters” February 2015 Ensign 

Vital to the Kingdom Pic

With this article by Alissa Voss, I helped strengthen a cultural view of women as leaders, regardless of their age or marital status.



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