Magazines: Writing

Check out these magazine articles I’ve had published.

Ensign Magazine Writing

The Ensign is the English-language magazine for adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I worked as an intern for the Ensign during the fall of 2014.

Taste the World in South Africa,” March 2017 Ensign


I interviewed Ross Mpye by email and wrote a profile about her life as a South African member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Four Tools That Bring Promised Blessings,” April 2015 Ensign


I gathered quotes and wrote the introduction for this article on how prayer, scripture study, quality family time, and temple worship spiritually strengthen worshipers.

Family Activity Idea and Article Teasers, February 2015 Ensign

blurb picture

I wrote various blurbs while at the Ensign. For this issue, I wrote a family activity idea to go with “Loving Those Who Have Gone before Us” as well as teasers for these articles:

  • “Loving Those Who Have Gone Before Us”
  • “Fulfilling Our Eternal Destiny”
  • “Changing Our Hearts Through Charity”
  • “Called to Rescue”
  • “Reaching Out to Those with Disabilities—and Their Families”
  • “Of Covenants and ADHD”

These teasers appear in the table of contents, and the activity idea is on page 3.

Stowaway Magazine Writing

Stowaway is produced for a capstone class of the editing minor at Brigham Young University.

Bare(foot) Necessities,” Summer 2014 Stowaway


For this article about minimalist footwear, I showcased various shoes and foot accessories. I also coordinated with photographers and businesses across the world to gain legal access to pictures of the products.

Asthma and Peanuts and Bees, Oh My!” Summer 2014 Stowaway


This article about traveling with medical issues and dietary restrictions provides five tips for a great vacation.





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