How to Find Your True Hogwarts House: Part 1, The Parting of the Ways

Like any self-respecting Potterheaded self-improvement bookworm, I’ve spent a lot of time agonizing over what my one true Hogwarts house is. In the process, I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the Sorting system itself. My conclusion? I think I’ve found a way to sort people. But it’s not a quiz, and before I finally…

Sorting Obsessions and Human Nature

  Like every good Harry Potter nerd, I love talking about Hogwarts houses. However, as a good general nerd, I also realize that like every personality test, the Sorting system is inherently and ridiculously flawed. One reason? No one is simple enough that you can just shove them into a house. Like, how are hat…

3 Ways to Make Time for Writing

  Amid work, relationships, community service, and everything else I have to or want to do, writing and reading get lost more often than I’d like. Sure, I write every day — I am a professional writer — but my creative writing tends to take a back seat to everything else I have to or…

Fictional Flaws

What fictional characters do you relate to? Learn from their fatal flaws like I did in this blog post about self-improvement for bookworms.

Storymakers Conference 2018

At the beginning of May I went to the 2018 Storymakers Conference. Read about my favorite classes and takeaways in this blog post.